Global markets grew by $ 17 trillion in a year

Global markets grew by $ 17 trillion in a year

The Age Of Trillion Dollar Mega-Corporations

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Global markets grew by $ 17 trillion in a year

Global stock markets have exploded in 2019, adding more than $ 17 trillion to the total, according to Deutsche Bank calculations.

Global equities started the year at just under $ 70 trillion but surpasses $ 85 trillion today.Global markets grew by $ 17 trillion in a year These results are due to softer monetary policy and geopolitical events.

Central banks around the world have adopted a cautious strategy to stimulate markets. The Federal Reserve has cut its base interest rate three times this year, and the European Central Bank has further lowered its already negative rates.

Global trade outlook, in turmoil since Donald Trump’s election and Brexit vote, turned more optimistic towards the end of the year.

Also, the United States entered into the first phase of the deal with China, bringing their trade dispute closer to resolution..

In Europe, a resounding victory for conservatives Boris Johnson is expected to give him the opportunity to lead negotiations on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union.

However, the strong rise in global markets was largely driven by the dominance of US markets. S indices&P 500, Dow jones industrial average and Russell 2000 have grown more than 20% this year.

Apple showed impressive financial results (80% of profit) and Facebook (57% of profit), which affected the overall stock growth.