Facebook Introduces Dating Feature

Facebook Introduces Dating Feature

Facebook introduces dating feature amid privacy scandal

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Tech expert Kurt Knutsson and Patriarch Organization CEO Eric Schiffer on Apple’s earnings report and Facebook’s new dating feature.

Facebook Introduces Dating FeatureFacebook Introduces Dating Feature

Facebook announced the imminent launch of Dating service in the US. The company first mentioned this feature over a year ago..

Facebook Dating Product Manager Charmaine Hung explains the long startup process service thorough preparation and checking of all details. «We wanted to make sure we were doing everything right, because dating is very personal», – he noted.

The new feature will allow any American adult user with a Facebook account set up a dating profile from a social network mobile app.

However, some users are outraged by the company’s decision to go for matchmaking services.. This is due to the fact that the social network is criticized for their privacy practices. Many people are not happy that Facebook is now asking users to entrust it with one of the most personal activities they can do. on the internet – searching for love.

Facebook Dating creates new competition in the already crowded dating app market. In particular, promotions Match Group, which owns dating services including Tinder, Match and OkCupid, dropped 6%. 

It is noteworthy that the chat function in Dating — it’s just text. Technology does not involve photos, videos, payments or link exchanges.