CEOs are increasingly wary of introducing hackers into the state

CEOs are increasingly wary of introducing hackers into the state


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CEOs are increasingly wary of introducing hackers into the state

CEOs are increasingly wary of introducing hackers into the state

Cybersecurity is the main source of technology spending today. Most companies say they are better equipped to deal with cyber attacks than a year ago.

The percentage of CEOs who said government-sponsored cyberwarfare was the most dangerous cyber threat their company faced fell from 38% to 26% in Q3 2019, according to a survey by CNBC Technology. However, fears of fraudulent intrusions by partners and employees rose from 14% to 18%. 

The increase in these concerns is due to the July cyber attack on Capital One, in which over 100 million customer accounts were stolen by a former Amazon employee.

An employee breach within a company differs from other high-profile recent incidents such as the international attacks on Equifax and Marriott involving government-funded actors.

Tom Kellermann, chief cybersecurity officer at Carbon Black, said that while companies spend more on external cybersecurity, fraudsters can infiltrate the organization itself and launch attacks from within..

According to Carbon Black study, the hacker community has dramatically increased its organization and approach in 2019. Most cyber invasions are no longer external sabotage, but rather resemble «home theft».

«Cybersecurity should be seen as a business functionality in 2019, not as an expense. This is no longer an IT problem. It’s a brand protection issue», – said Kellermann.