Bitcoin fell to 10 thousand dollars

Bitcoin fell to 10 thousand dollars

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Bitcoin fell to 10 thousand dollars

Bitcoin rate sank to minimum values ​​in August, amounting to 10 thousand dollars.

Not so long ago, experts spoke positively about the potential for further growth of the main cryptocurrency, citing geopolitical tensions and the trade war between the United States and China..

Nicholas Colas, co-founder of marketing research firm DataTrek Research, said that investors in Hong Kong and Argentina have used bitcoin as a defensive asset, alongside gold or the Japanese yen. Former Deutsche Bank CEO Peter Cheer wrote that Bitcoin is a leading indicator of hidden geopolitical tensions.

It is reported that crypto investors have split into three main camps regarding Bitcoin price predictions. Some argue that the main cryptocurrency will drop to 8.5–7.5 thousand dollars, while others believe that the rate will fluctuate between 9 and 12 thousand.

Bullies remain indifferent to recent price trends and are confident that Bitcoin will return to its annual high and continue to rise.Bitcoin fell to 10 thousand dollars Correlation data from Tether shows what it can achieve 20 thousand dollars already in September.