Airbus is cyberattacked again

Airbus is cyberattacked again

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Airbus was cyberattacked againAirbus was cyberattacked again

A series of cyberattacks on Airbus in the past few months have been carried out through the computer systems of their suppliers and contractors. Security officials suspect China is involved.

The Chinese authorities have repeatedly denied their involvement in hacker attacks. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and China’s official cyber regulator did not respond to a request about comments on the above hacker invasion.

Airbus said last January that a cyberattack on its systems resulted in a database breach.Airbus is cyberattacked again US prosecutors say Chinese intelligence officers and hackers have stolen information about a jet engine being developed by firms that supply it to Airbus and Boeing.

The AFP report cites several anonymous security sources according to which the cyberattacks on Airbus were orchestrated by French technology consultant Expleo, engine maker Rolls Royce, and two unidentified French Airbus subcontractors..

Allegedly, the hackers were looking for information about the engines for the military transport aircraft A400M and A350 airliner.

The report does not elaborate on whether the cyber attacks it described resulted in data breaches or affected Airbus operations..

Security experts do not blame China for every cyberattack, but note there are traces of Chinese intelligence involvement.